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A j a y o p t i k
Model Aj-10
Observation Monocular- interchangeable with binocular or vertical photo tube.
Magnification 20x to 1500
Stand One piece die cast arm with ball bearing guide ways providing extra smooth and frictionless motion to the fine focusing mechanism without any back lash.
Focussing Coarse and fine focusing by conveniently placed separate knobs. 1 div. = 0. 002 mm.
Stage Mechanical stage  of standard stage size 120 x 140 mm.
Illumination Plano concave mirror available with optional lamp for 6v/20w or direct 220v attachable in place of the mirror mount. .
Nose piece     Quadruple- revolving on smooth bearings.
Objectives Achromat 4x,10x, 40x (s. L. ) &  100x oil immersion.
Eye pieces Huygenian 5x or 15x, wf 10x.
Condenser Bright field, abbe's n. A. 1. 25  focusing up and down by rack & pinion.
Packing Nicely packed in box.