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A j a y o p t i k
Model Research ore
Observation head Flat trinocular head inclined at 45°
Eyepiece Eyepiece 10x20mm

Cross partition eyepiece 10x20mm

Grid eyepiece 10x20mm

Objectives 4x, 10x, 25/40x, 60/63x
Nosepiece Quadruple nosepiece
Mechanical stage Revolving round stage diameter 160mm (approx. )

360° rotatable & graduated in 1° increments.

Least count 0. 1° with vernier

Compensator-gypsum 1λ ,mica ¼ λ ,quartz wedge

Illumination 12v/20w lamp brightness adjustable

Power supply 110v-220v.

Optional accessories 1)      Digital high resolution photographic camera with microscope adopter.

2)      Digital cmos camera with high color depth & live images on computer.

Packing Nicely packed in box.