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A j a y o p t i k
Model SI-2002
Observation Head The Binocular or Trinocular observation head assembled from A.R. Coated prisms is 45°/30° inclined with eye-point position 320mm raised above the desk surface for greater comfort to the observer. It is interchangeable with straight tube or Trinocular head for Microphotography purpose.
Viewing Body Sidentop Trinocular head inclined at 30°, interpupillary distance adjustable between 55-75 mm, Diopter adjustment ring on ocular provides correction for eye acuity.
Main Body A)    Co-axial coarse & fine focusing with rubber teats for better grip.

B)     Quadruple nosepiece.

C)    Prefocusing  lever & tension adjustment ring are on focusing mechanism.

D)    Hard coated fixed mechanical stage.

Base Large & Sturdy base provides stability to the Microscope with built in solid-state transformer for illuminator.
Mechanical Stage Square plain stage of size 180x150 mm approx. with two extension plates for large bottles and micro-filter work are provided. Two stage clips are provided in drilled holes to accommodate specimen.
Eyepiece Eyepiece PWF 10x (paired) FOV 20mm. Centering Telescope 5x.
Objectives LWD Plan Achromatic 4x/0.1 W.D. 18mm

LWD Plan Achromatic 10x/0.25 W.D. 7.9mm

LWD Plan Achromatic 40x/0.6 W.D. 3mm

LWD Plan Phase PH10x, PH20x, PH40x along with Phase Annular discs & centering Telescope.

Focusing Two large focus control knobs low down at a convenient position assure accurate focusing. The backlash free Rack & Pinion mechanism has 18mm (approx.) range. Highly sensitive fine focusing knob is provided.
Illumination 6V, 20W halogen lamp with spherical collector lens, continuous regulation of the illumination, field diaphragm, pull out filter socket.
Standard Accessories Set for insert plate, Arm supporting Plate, Electric Cable, Fuse , Vinyl Dust Cover, Operating manual, Controls for stage movement.
Optional Accessories Micro-photographic Camera, Digital Camera/CCD Camera to microphotograph the microscope specimen & project them on TV or on Laptop Screen.
Packing Nicely packed in Box.