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A j a y o p t i k

Ajay constant deviation wavelength spectrometer is a direct instrument for various visible wavelengths of visible spectrum, used in various departments for the study of spectral series, emission spectra of elements, absorption spectra of compounds, fluorescence spectra, band spectra, zooman effect & determination of e/m detection of traces of metallic elements. The raman spectra of liquids, polarization studies in raman spectra, rapid qualitative analysis of metallic constituents of unknown substances, detection of rate-earth in minerals, quantative spectrum analysis used as monochromator, consists of:
Base:Heavy stable base having a pillar on which mounted a platformcollimator/telescope prism housing.
Prism table:Carrying prism pillion and broca type refractive indes 1. 65/1. 74 housed properly with a cover rotatable by wavelength drum, outside.
Telescope:Fitted on the platform, focussed by rack/pinion, achromatic objective with light resolution, eyepiece with a scale last count 0. 01 cms.
Collimator:With achromatic objective having high resolution operateable by rack & pinion, having slit variable opening by micrometer screw.
Glass prism e. D. F.
Glass prism d. E. D. F.
Extension mount for keeping l. G. Plate/edser butler
Plate/ fabry perot etalon.
Extra attachments for telescope.
a) Attachment for converting c. D. S. Into monochromator.
b) Micrometer eyepiece – filer type reading 0. 001 cms.
c) Camera for above with plate holder.
d) Plate holder for camera.
General accessories for the instruments
a) Standard accessory bar- nearly 3 feet long.
b) Fabry perot etalon-aperture 30mm etalon with separation 3mm, 5mm, 10mm as desired by customer.
c) Edser butler plate for determining wavelength.
d) l. G. Plate
e) Stand for l. G. Plate
f) Condenser on stand.
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