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A j a y o p t i k

a. Apochromatic Optics with five step magnification changer.
b. Magnification Range 2.4x-40x or more
c. Max Field of view should be more than 180mm.
a. Working distance f=250 mm and 400 mm.
b. Fine focusing for 300 mm.
Binocular tube:
a. Inclinable binocular tube f=170 mm or higher.
b. Inter pupillary distance adjustment from 55 mm to 75 mm.
a. Pair of wide field push-in eyepieces 10x or 12.5x with rubber sleeves
b. diopter setting -5D to +5D.
a. Coaxial fiber optic / direct Xenon or LED illumination system.
b. In LED equipped systems: single lamp.
c. Dual lamp system with quick change over in case of Xenon.
d. Continuously lamp intensity adjustment by control knob near to the surgeon.
a. Stable and sturdy floor stand on four lockable castors, column (height: minimum 1.6m).
b. Spring-balance articulated arm, carrier arm, power supply unit.
a. With lateral Handgrips for all knobs, dust cover.
b. integrated full HD (1080p) camera & full HD recording system. Camera should have play back function for videos & photo
c. Microscope is CE Marked & ISO Certified