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A j a y o p t i k

A versatile dissecting microscope for demonstrations, close study of small organism and fine dissection work.

A high-eyepoint lenses 10x and 20x magnification, which can be comfortably used by spectacle wearers, are mounted on a jointed arm allowing the whole stage area to be scanned.

The wide glass stage has two spring clips and a reversible substage mirror/opal face illuminator giving good lighting of objects in daylight or under artificial light.

The rack and pinion mechanism is enclosed within the stage support pillar and operated by a knob on either side of the pinion spindle. Detachable rests on either side of the stage provide a steadying support for hands during fine dissection.

A wooden storage and carrying case with fitting for lenses, hand rests and microscope.

Dimension overall height 180mm. Stage 70 x 90 mm.